Logic Gates in Minecraft

This video is made to intoduce students to logic gates, binary, and how math can be done with a bunch of wire. Using the backdrop of Minecraft to peak their intrests. Students are encourage to follow along and try the activities in game themselves. Although encouraged, Minecraft is not necessary for students to learn the material.

This lesson plan aligns amazingly with ISTE Standards for Educators 2.6 Facilitators. It tackles 2.6a Foster Student Ownership of Learning because the main goal is to get students interested in learning about Redstone outside of the classroom, 2.6.b Foster Classroom Management of Tech because the educator is the one leading the students through this digital learning experience, 2.6.c Teach Computational and Design Thinking because this lesson focuses on computational thinking and encourages students to further develop design thinking skills, 2.6.d Model and Nurture Creativity because through the nature of Minecraft and the lesson plans there are many ways for students to express their creativity.


Video Link If Player Is Not Working



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